Discover our NEW Exciting Feature!

Virtual Tour

If you’re a local who visits us often or you’ve never been to the venue before – this is for you!

What a way to start the New Year! After months of hard work we are thrilled to announce we have launched an extremely exciting new feature – a virtual tour of The Grand.

Take yourself on virtual tour of our entire venue, including our three exclusive function spaces, from the comfort of your own home and device!

The opportunities with this virtual tour are endless!

  • Explore all indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Tour our three exclusive function spaces: Riverview Room, Next Door and Federation Room
  • See what The Grand looks like from above with drone footage
  • Visualise the spaces in daylight, evening and night
  • View the multiple seating options available
  • Admire the beverages available
  • Plus so much more!

A HUGE thank you to the team at CITE360 and Sarah Seddon for making this insane virtual tour come to life!

There’s still more to come – stay tuned ….

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