We are improving the planet, our business, our staff safety & we couldn’t be happier!

Bottlecycler Glass Crusher

The Grand Hotel installed a BottleCyler machine to our venue mid-way through 2021 and the results are astonishing!

We are a staff comes first venue, with a strong community focus. 

Since introducing the BottleCycler machine to our venue, we have proudly recycled over 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide, 28,438 litres of water and over 27 cubic metres of landfill saved!
See further results below!

Seeing the team lift three-foot high garbage bins full of bottles into a dump master was an “accident waiting to happen” says Peter Appleby, General Manager. “Staff safety has improved without the need to be lifting heavy bottle bins into dump masters, eliminating the chance of injury,” Peter says. “But we have also reduced our co-mingled collections by 50 per cent, which has had a great impact on our bottom line with reduced waste costs from our removal company.”

Read the full article featured in ‘Waste Management Review’ Here

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